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Our Mission is to satisfy our customers who seek unparalleled quality products and services for premium vehicles.

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Forgeline GW3R CLn
Forgeline GW3R CL



Standard Finish

'Standard Silver Powder Coat, Gloss Powder Coat (Black, Bronze, Graphite or Gunmetal), Matte Powder Coat (Black, Bronze, Blue, Red, Silver, White or Graphite), Satin Powder Coat (Black, Bronze or Gunmetal), Titanium

Alternate Finishes

Brushed & High Gloss Clear, Brushed & Low Gloss Clear, Custom Paint, Custom Powder Coat, Fully Polished, Midnight Silver Powder Coat, Race Gold Powder Coat, Transparent Copper, Transparent Smoke




Customer specifed from 8.0" to 16.0""


Porsche's 993, 996, and 997 factory-built competition "Cup" cars feature a unique center lock pressure washer that require special engineering at the wheel center. In order to accommodate this pressure washer, Forgeline Motorsports now offers the Cup Car Center Lock option on all of our 3-piece Competition Series racing wheels, including the GA3R, GW3R, GZ3R, ZX3R, and WC3R.


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